Event Rules

Posted By Sparzx

In order to take part in Auckland LAN, every single LAN Attendee must respect and
abide by the following rules. These rules are set in place to protect the enjoyment of
the LAN for each and every LAN Attendee. All decisions made by Auckland LAN
crew are final and no discussion will be entered into. By attending an AvT LAN
Event you agree to be bound by the following rules.

1. Intoxication or Drug Use
Usage of illicit drugs at Auckland LAN is prohibited. Any attendee found to be in
possession of such substances and/or related items will be immediately escorted off of
the premises, and will forfeit their entry fee. Participants who are intoxicated or under
the influence of illicit drugs will be prohibited entry – judgement of this is at the
discretion of AvT Management.

2. Physical Abuse
Physical and/or verbal abuse will not be tolerated at Auckland LAN. Should a staff
member be alerted to a participant taking part in physical and/or verbal abuse, said
participant will be warned, and the team may face forfeiture if abuse continues. Trash
talk is allowed when it involves game-related content only. Comments of a sexual,
racist, prejudice nature or those specifically attacking another players appearance or
life situation are not considered trash talk.

3. Indemnity
Participants accept full responsibility and liability for all personal injury, accident
and/or damage they may cause during the course of AvT Auckland LAN. Participants
understand that the Auckland LAN staff accepts no liability or responsibility for
personal injury, accident or damage resulting to any participants or to their equipment
during this LAN event.

4. Gamertags and in-game names
In-game names must match that or be easily recognisable to others as relating to the
name on your event pass. Using in-game names that are non-distinguishable is
prohibited. If you are unsure whether an in-game name is acceptable, please ask a
staff member to confirm.

5. Speakers
Speakers are not permitted at AvT events during tournament play (with the exception
of fighting games where speakers are on a volume that does not interrupt tournament
play). Participants who use speakers during tournament hours will be warned a single
time. Should they be left on, these speakers will be confiscated and held by staff until
the end of the event.

6. Internet Access
Internet access is available to all gamers and is intended to be used for Xbox Live & PSN
Although laptops are welcome, the Internet connection is not to be used for
downloading, torrents, or accessing any site that may not be suitable for general
audiences. If you have doubts if a certain site is acceptable, ask a staff member.

7. Cheating
Cheating at Auckland LAN is prohibited. “Cheating” is to be defined solely by
Auckland LAN staff. Cheating during a tournament will disqualify yourself and your

8. Passes
Only those wearing a valid Auckland LAN pass and wristband will be permitted to
enter the gaming or rest areas. Anyone in these areas who is not carrying a pass or
wristband will be asked to leave the premises. Sharing of your pass with any other
person will result in immediate termination of your entry fee and you will be asked to
leave the premises. It is your responsibility to look after your pass.

9. Restricted Areas
No Participant is to enter any part of the LAN marked “Staff Only”, which includes
the storage areas, the “Ops Centre”, media room and behind the sign-in desk.

10. Footage
Video and still images will be taken in and around the Auckland LAN venue.
Adversity Gaming will use any footage for purposes as seen fit. Please notify staff if
you do not wish to be filmed.

11. Equipment Removal
No LAN Attendee is to remove equipment after event closure on Saturday night. Only
Auckland LAN participants are to carry equipment at any other time.

12. Refusal of Entry
The Auckland LAN Staff reserve the right to deny entry to any person, for any reason.
LAN Staff also reserve the right to remove any participant judged by the staff to be
compromising the event in any way from the premises.

12. Store sales
All sales processed through the AvT Store are considered final. Refunds will not be offered for changes of mind. Faulty items will be replaced.
Items are available for pickup at AvT Auckland LAN 2016 only and can not be shipped. All sales include NZ GST of 15%. A GST invoice can be provided upon request.

14. Amendments
Adversity Gaming reserves the right to change or amend these rules at any time
without prior notice.